It’s that time of year! Nights are getting chilly, kids are heading back to school, and I’m busy buying all of the pumpkin scented things. I absolutely LOVE autumn… the weather is perfectly mild, the sweaters are extremely cozy, and the Starbucks drinks are delicious.

It also means that Bath and Body Works brings out its best smelling scents! The Fall Preview was released last week and I ordered some of my favorite products.

Foaming Hand Soap
This stuff is the best soap out there. What’s more fun than foamy soap?! I have sensitive skin and this formulation has never given me any problems. It makes my hands feel super clean without drying them out. I always buy them when they are on sale – this time I got them for under $5 each. Here is a list of the scents I chose!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte
Jumping in Leaves
Pumpkin Apple
Afternoon Apple Picking
Crisp Morning
Autumn Sunshine
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Wallflowers are BBW’s plug-in home scents. I prefer these over candles most of the time because you can plug them in and just forget about them since they aren’t on fire (lol). I find that they last quite some time while still giving off plenty of scent. This time I only ordered 1 because they were recently on sale and I stocked up. But I just HAD to get one of the sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

The scentportables are BBW’s car air fresheners. You can choose either a visor or vent clip and they have a ton of different scent options for the refills. I love when my car smells clean and I always get compliments when I use these. I decided to get a new design because how gorgeous is that sparkly, glam option?!

Here is a list of the refill scents I chose!

Sweater Weather

I plan to do a candle haul soon as they are currently Buy 2 get 2 free! What a steal! Leave a comment and let me know your favorite products and scents to buy when the weather starts getting chilly!