I have definitely explored the hair care world over the years. I have very long hair that is naturally dry and I bleach it somewhat frequently, which means that I need some good holy grail products to keep it from looking damaged!

The Wet Brush (Original Detangler)
Not to be dramatic, but this brush changed my life. In the past, even after blow drying, my hair used to be very wavy with kinks all around the top of my head. After switching to this brush, it is much straighter and smoother after drying, even if I let it air dry. This brush also makes after shower brushing MUCH easier because my hair gets very knotted while washing.

Moroccanoil Treatment (Original)
This treatment also plays a big part in keeping my hair healthy. I use this on the bottom half of my hair and make sure to focus it on the ends to really nourish my damaged ends. Typically I will use this before blow-drying and also after styling to smooth any frizz and polish the look.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Fresh)
Dry shampoo safes my life on a daily basis. These specific brand has a ton of scents but the classic and fresh are probably my top 2. I use this product for multiple purposes. I use as it to refresh my hair in between washes, but I also use it as more of a styling product. I often use it as a texturizer because it gives the hair some grit and hold while making it smell amazing. It also adds volume since it is applied at the root and rubbed in, which acts as a softer version of teasing.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
This stuff is really a miracle! It has so many claims (10 to be exact) and I feel that it reallylives up to those claims. I have been using it for years and believe this plays a huge part in keeping my hair soft and healthy even through the bleaching. I always spray this throughout my hair, focusing it on the ends, before blow-drying.

invisibobble Original (Crystal Clear)
I definitely had my reservations about these hair ties based on looks, but once I read the reviews, I was sold. I was worried that these would get stuck in my hair and be painful because of their spiral design, but they never do. By some sort of magic, they do not crease AT ALL. I can wear my hair in a pony or bun all day and it comes down looking as smooth and styled as it was when I first put it up. I use these primarily for top knots and ponytails. This product is PERFECT for girls that are very active (mommas – I’m lookin’ at you!) because they provide such an amazing hold and do not need to be tightened or redone frequently. I also always use these when working out.

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